Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4th [34/365]

Hey, so I still have my cold, so I'm not going to write much. I'm still going to do my 10 Things I Love Sunday:) OK here we go!

10.Paper Soap! This is truly amazing! Haha, cool!

9. This super cute Berry Trifle Dress:) Holy Cute!

8.These fun USB creatures:)

7. I want one of these soo bad! An Insta-mini camera!

6. This Holga Camera, oh if I had this..!

5. This super cute skeleton t-shirt, from Elsie Flannigan:) She is marvelous!

4. These really cute camera and mix tape coin purses, also by Elsie:)

3. This really cool graffiti artist, Banksy! He does the coolest stuff:)

2. This WONDERFUL song, I truly love it, so fun:)

Music Playlist at

1. Away We Go<3 If I could watch this movie everyday, I think I would. I love the story and most of all John Krasinski! Ah, such a cute movie:)

365-I thought this was pretty cool:)

Hope you enjoyed:) Have a nice week!


  1. woah what is that picture up there?

  2. it's of downtown portland, but the camera was shaky so it turned out like this.