Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26th!

Hello, so I have not been posting everyday:( Sorry, but tonight I'm doing my 10 Things I Love& the 3656 pictures, plus I have been keeping track of the 365 songs, so there will be those too:D Ok Here goes nothing!


[4/365]:1,2,3,4-Plain White T's


[6/365]:Save Tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry

[7/365]:If I Only had The Heart- The Maine

[8/365]:Gives You Hell-All American Rejects

365 Pictures







10 THINGS I LOVE SUNDAY!!(Art Edition! There is no order of favorites, these are all equally amazing!!)

10.Yoann Lemoine!!

9.Where The Wild Things Are FORTS!!

8.This wonderful Blog all about WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE~~Let the Wild Rumpus start!

7.These Fun Randoms:D

6.Pug Flowers!!

5.Jullian Callos!!

4.Matthew Palladino!

3.Fall Trees!

2.Martin Wilson!

1.These cool pictures:)

Enjoy your week:D xoxo. Maddy

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  1. Sheesh I missed alot but slowly catching up and haha liking the fact that there are more pictures.. finally~ looks like you've changed the things around? idk..

    p.s. I'm getting tired of typing in the code thingy~ the word verification thingy~