Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28th

Hey, here's the 10 Things I Love Sunday, and my 2 365 pictures:)

10. Cute octopus ring:)

9. An inflatable turkey?! So cool:)

8.A glazed Polaroid camera:)

7. This! I love how random it is:D

6. This kickin backpack:) I love it!

5. These Flight of the Conchord shirts:)

4. These glasses:) They remind me of Emile Hirsch<3

3. This Bokeh! It reminds me of Jeremy Larson's CD cover:)

2. And this bokeh:)

1. Chelsea and I's fun car rides:) Love em!

Here are the 365 pictures:) And enjoy your week!

1 comment:

  1. look at the front of the car when you drive.. haha and these pictures I've seen them somewhere.. some site. WHERE"S THE SONG?!!!!