Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ok, so I was about to watch a movie, so I only uploaded pictures, because Chelsea said she was getting harassed by a certain someone. (Richard!!!) So here's the words. Friday, I took pictures at a soccer game for newspaper, the top one of Kiefer:) He looks so awkward! aha, so I did that, then we went to Jon's football game, that's where I took the bokeh pictures. Today, was really mellow, my dad, his girlfriend and daughter and Gabby and I all went out to lunch and then Big Lots, where I got a great scary movie, Dead Silence. So good! Then we went to the movie store, and rented the WORST movie ever, Ghosts of girlfriends past. It was so lame, and Matthew Mcconaughy was so stupid like he is in every movie. So then we made popcorn and watched Fast and the Furious 2. It was OK, but Paul Walker was in it, so that was cool. I love him:) So now, I'm blogging. The other pictures are of, my shirt:), the dried up clover plant in my room, and Wednesday from the Adam's Family, she autographed a picture like a super long time ago! Well hope this made your day:) Have a Nice Sunday!


  1. ghosts of girlfriend's past... or whatever.. it wasn't that bad and you better Post EVERYDAY! maybe now you can change the song to the owl city- fireflies?

  2. it was horrible, and no, i'll have a new song up tomorrow, not OWL CITY! I like them, but no.

  3. why not~~~~~ you should put the song that the fan wants..