Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 22nd

Hello! Well I didn't post yesterday, because I was busy. At like 10, I went on the river with my dad. I took some amazing shots! So we were there till about 5:30, but at 6:30, we were having a party for my dad's girlfriends son, Jon. So we went out Safeway and got food and a cake. I had the honor of writing on it, it didn't look very good, but it was ok. So I had a slice of pizza and went to my room, til the end of the party. I was really bored.So my dad's girlfriends 2 daughters and their cousin, Gabby and I all hung out and packed a little. We were going to sleep in a tent outside, but while we were playing Apples to Apples, Gabby screamed and was like "SPIDER!!" Everyone was freaking out, it was HUGE!! So we cleared the tent and just went and hung out in the family room til we all fell asleep. It was a pretty fun night. So now, today I have to pack up my stuff in my room at my dad's. We're moving! Yipee. I'm sharing a room with Tierra and Janessa and Gabby. But me and Tierra(The oldest daughter, my age), we are sharing a side of the room and Gabby and Ness are sharing the other side, o it's all good. Well when I get home, I'll tell about my day today and do my 10 Things I Love Sunday!!! I have really good stuff! Well since my ABC project is over, thank god, I don't have a letter picture, but I do have some cool pictures from yesterday at the beach. Ok have a good Sunday!!

I loved the clouds!! They were like little cotton candy clouds:)

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