Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 17th

Hello! So I'm going to blog about my day yesterday, today. When I get back from the mall tonight, I'll blog about today. So yesterday I went to the mall with Mick and his mom. We went to Lloyd Center. We looked around and went to stores, it was fun. We went to Barnes and Nobles, and looked for Post Secret books. Usually someone has slipped their own secret into one. We found them and sure enough there was a secret. I can't remember what it said though. We went to Nordstroms and looked at shoes. I really liked these grey boots:) Well, we just hung out at the mall, and then they took me home. My mom got home like 2 minutes after I got home. We went out to Canton Grill for dinner, and then Target. Well that is about it, the ABC picture is of a vintage Xylophone, because thats all I could think of. Well have a good day. I'll be back tonight to tell you about today:)

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