Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14th

Hello! So today was a busy one. My mom, Gabby and me went to my dad's house to get some stuff for our garage sale tomorrow! After that, we left and went to Old Navy because Gabby wanted some new shirts. So we got her some shirts and then went to Burger King and I got a sausage biscuit. It was tasty. So after that, my mom had a nail appointment. Gabby and me waited in the car. So after that we went to Dollar Tree and got balloons for our garage sale signs. Then went to Winco to get cookies and water to sell tomorrow. So, when we got home, we priced the rest of the stuff. That's all before 1 pm. At about 6:30, my Aunt Anne, Jake and Noah, came over to bring their stuff for tomorrow, and price it. So far, we are looking good. We still have to put the signs up and get the tables set up. So that's my day. My ABC letter today is a V. I had nothing, but today, while we were running around, I made my mom stop so I could take a picture of these huge 8 foot tall sunflowers. I just though they were Vibrant, so that's my picture. Well I post tomorrow about the Garage Sale, bye! :)

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