Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8th

Hello! So my internet connection at home doesn't work, so I couldn't write my entry sooner:( I'm at my grandparents and thank god they have internet! So today my two great friends Cait and Mick came over and we made each other on Sims. It was pretty fun! Oh and I put 12 gauges in my ear. It hurt but it's worth it. Well it is only a week til I leave for Redmond. I can't wait! I decided to make a list of thigs i enjoy just because im bored. Here goes nothing,

My favorite color is Purple.
My birthday is December 30th.
I have two Pomeranian, tink and prince.
My favorite drink is amp!
I'm a middle child.
My favorite movie is Milk, only because i love Emile Hirsch.
I LOVE Emile Hirsch!!!
I have neon Osiris amazing shoes!
I have blond hair.
I love Mayday Parade.
I stay up late on Saturdays to read Post Secret.
I totally LOVE photography.
I have a Nikon D60.
Well I think I've answered enough. Here's today's question:
What's your favorite summertime treat?
Everyone have a good Wednesday night. BYe Loves!

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