Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7th!

Good afternoon. So today I decided to watch 1999's ''10 Things I Hate About You.'' I said to myself, that could be the topic on today's blog, so I went looking for a good picture from the movie. On Google, I found a great picture of the whole cast, the one to the left. But underneath it I saw another picture, not this original cast, but a new cast. They made a new TV-show on ABC family, that just happens to premier tonight! What a coincidence! I'm sorry, but after seeing the commercials for the new and ''improved'' show, it's despicable. The actor that plays Patrick, Heath Ledgers original character, just does not fit what he looks like in this show. They should have left well enough alone! Well today's question is, Do you think that they should have left the movie alone and not made a television show out of it, or do you think it will be a better show than the movie? Here's the ''modern day and better cast'' for your enjoyment! What has the world come to! They are probably going to remake Footloose, oh wait they are. But hey I do love Zac Efron! Everyone have a good day!

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