Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 14th

Hello! So even though its the 15th, im still posting about what I did on the 14th. I had such a busy day! I hung out with Chelsea, Julia, and Jonai. We went to Jim Dandys and Bubble Tea and Ikea and Bowling and finally Dennys. It was so much fun. A huge highlight of my summer. So first off we picked Julia and Jonai up at their house and went to Jim Dandy's. It was so good. Like one of those diners on Diner's, Drive-In's, and Dives. I had a Patty Melt, it was deliscious! Then we went to the bowling alley, but it was league night. So we decided to wait til 9 and come back later to play. So we went to get bubble tea!! It was the best bubble tea I have ever had! I mean amazing! I had watermelon, strawberry with rainbow jellies. So I turned my camera on and I realized my SD card wasn't in. So I couldn't take any pictures. We decided to go to Ikea since Julia and Jonai had never been there! It was so much fun. We took loads of pictures, with their camera. It was like the most fun trip I have taken to Ikea. They got Swedish Fish and a Wok. So it was 9 and we went to drop their stuff of at their house and then go pick up my memory card. We got it and then went to the bowling alley. We had teams, Jonai and I and Chelsea and Julia. Sister against sister. Jonai and I won the first time and then Chelsea and Julia won the next two times. So we took lots of pictures, it was so much fun. Then we were kind of hungry so we went to Dennys. WE had a really tasty Slamwich. So we hung out there and then went home. It was such a fun day, I'll never forget it. Today's ABC picture is light switches, Electrical. I know it's lame, but it's all I have. The question of the day is, What did you do on the funnest day this summer?

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