Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th

Hola! So today was super fun. I just got home from Mick's house and we hung out all day:P So he invited me to come and help him at his grandmas floral shop. I woke up at 6:30, which is very difficult for me because I went to bed at 3 am. Well anyway, it was just a fun day. My mother dropped me off at Mick's at 7:55 am. Mick and I waited outside for his grandma for about 10 minutes, but we discussed Bruno. Everyone go see it!! Back to my day, his grandma picked us up at about 8:10am, I don't know why I'm using so many exact times. Anyways, we drove downtown and got there. The first thing we did was go and collect flower vases from the floors, thirty to be exact. We got to the 30th floor and there was the best view of downtown, so Mick took a great photo. Then we went back and helped his grandma with a flower cross for a funeral, it turned out beautiful, even though it was for a funeral. So we just hung out there, my Aunt De works downtown too, so she walked to the flower shop. She worked in the building diagnal from us. So she came and said hello. We had a fantastic luch, pork tenderloin! It was delicious. We took Cooper, grandmas dog, on a walk. Oh and we went and delivered a flower display to the Police Station, it was scary as hell! Then we got back, just hung out and then we left. I went home with Mick and hung out with him more. We made a sims 3 couple, Landon and Alice. Soo cute<3. We went to the park and took awesome pictures and then walked home. We had Taco Bell for dinner and designed a house for our sims. Well that was my day. Todays photo is Dog, my dog Tink! She is so cute! Today's question is What's your pets name? Tomorrw, I' hanging out with Chelsea, Jonai, and Julia! I can't wait!! We are going to Jim Dandys and then bowling! Its gonna kick ass. I might go with Chelsea tomorrow to get bubble tea, but maybe. I can't wait to go camping on Friday, Have a good Tuesday!

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