Friday, October 8, 2010


Okay, so the last time I updated was September 7th, and so its been a month! WOW! This past month has been crazy! I started my sophomore year at PHS:); I got Candice back!!, I found my love for Justin Bieber, and so much more that I cannot remember! School so far has been awesome! I love all my classes, two free periods and I have A's in ALL my classes! Yes, I got my camera back from Nikon, THANKS ANNE, and I missed it so much! I cannot remember all the things I have done in the past 4 weeks, so I'll just go over today and upcoming plans! Today, I had school off, so I got to sleep in<3 Then tonight, I went to my school's last home football game. We lost, but it was close! Plus we were on Friday Night Lights, the local news' high school football special. Tomorrow, I will be finishing Honors English homework and my laundry. Other than that, this next coming week is going to be pretty mellow. Okay, so that's the written update, here are some pictures that I love, and some I have taken,and some of my favorite parts of movies/shows ENJOY<3 xoxo, Maddy!

I love these(:

Maggie took this picture of my TOMS<3^^

I took these(:

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