Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hi, Hello!

It has been AWHILE! I have been struggling to finish my summer homework, which I still need to finish, and last minute school shopping, I also worked downtown with Mick and helped move his Grandma's storage unit. I also cleaned my room, and organized EVERYTHING! Gab and I went "camping" last weekend up at April's house in Three River. Oh, the 14th of August, we went to the beach for the day! Very fun! September 3rd was my mom's birthday! we celebrated by going to Red Robin, I worked a little at my dad's office answering phones. Gabby and I got addicted to Grey's Anatomy<3I had school registration on the 20th of August, got my schedule and Photo ID, not to sound braggy, but I think I look pretty tan in the picture(; Haha, anyways, nothing TOO crazy happened! Hung out with some friends, read ALOT, and just kind of bummed around. Tomorrow we are going to the Fair:D So that's really exciting! Also, my 365 ended:( But, I still have to fill in the last few weeks of pictures! So here are the 365 pictures, and a humongous Friday Favorite for the whole month of August! AND my summer playlist, with a couple of fun videos!! Enjoy, xoxo<3 Maddy

(All last 18 pictures!)

[On the way to the beach]

[Baby Logan<3 She's SO cute:)]

[Back from Three Rivers]

[Mick and I relocated and organized this whole room.]
[The first storage unit.]
[Jake got an iPad!(;]

[My new iPhone case, with a hippie van sticker:)]

[New school clothes(: (Gabby's)]
[New necklaces<33]

:::::::::FRIDAY FAVORITES:::::::::

[Dream Tattoo]

[My mom's request for her "Big Brother Love", Lane]

[My love of Justin Beiber<3]

[I want a Magic Garden<3!!]
[The Dainty Squid's new cat, Professor Stingray! He's SO cute<3]

[I LOVE this!!]

[I wish my school had lockers like these!!]
[I love getting fresh colored pencils for school(:]

[Mitchell Davis, once again!]
[Coolest Fridge EVER!]
[Baby Panda<3]
[Adorable Cupcake idea!]
[Kaylah's hair!!! If I had guts, I would love to do this!]
[Elsie's new red hair<3]

[More adorable baby pandas!!]

These videos I adore<3

Summer Playlist<3
#1:My Love-Sia
#3:Go Together-Jillian Edwards

Jillian Edwards - Go Together from Clint Brock on Vimeo.

#4:Northern Downpour-Panic! At The Disco
#5:If I Had You-Adam Lambert (Felicia;)
#6:The Man Who Can't Be Moved-The Script
#7:Bed Intruder Song-Antoine Dodson
#9:Like We Used To-A Rocket To The Moon

[My blog stats:) Thank you to everyone who reads and looks at my blog:) Very much appreciated!]

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