Friday, March 5, 2010

The Weekend!

Ello:) So today was OK..I had Newspaper.PE-->I was put on "light duty". Health. and Tran, which never makes me in a good mood:/ I have no plans whatsoever this weekend, and I plan on sleeping ALOT! So today is Sir Prince's 3rd birthday:) We bought him a little burger, even though he doesn't need it! Also, I couldn't do my Journal because I forgot to take it to school....Oh Well! Well here is the picture and song of the day + Friday Favorites! Enjoy Loves. XO.Maddy!

{140.365}:Set Fire to the third bar-Snow Patrol

[183.365]:We cut the burger up, we just wanted a cute "whole burger" picture:D

::::::::::Friday Favorites!:::::::::::

Pugs! So cute:) My Aunt has a pug, Lana, and she is soo cute.I think I will own one someday!

Elsie's Pug Suki:)

Anne's Pug Lana:)

My Favorite Movie+Cute Pug=HOLY CUTE:)

Random Pug-age:)

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