Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3rd, 2010!

HellO! So I am updating my blog. All the pictures, songs and even some of the journal pages that I could do. Some require me to take it to school, and one requires a green pepper, which I do not have. So I will get those done and post them on Friday:) Well, on Sunday I got home and finished all my homework. End of that day. Monday I went to school, ran and busted up my leg even more, so I have a worse limp. Tuesday I stayed home because of my leg. Today was a half day:) My favorite! I plan on finishing homework and then going to my padres. Not much going on. School today was bland. I had to run in PE, I was almost late to Health, I had Ms. Tran(do I even need to explain). Newspaper was OK, we just did story pitches. I hope tomorrow will be better:) I can hope can't I? Well here are the shenanigans from the past few days.(I'm half way done with my 365 picture project:) Enjoy. XO.Maddy!

{135.365}:Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses A Fork?-Chiodos
{136.365}:Basement Ghost Singing-Armor For Sleep
{137.365}:What I've Done-Linkin Park
{138.365}:Hide and Seek-Imogean Heap


Wreck This Journal::

[Only a little more till I'm done:( Look how "wrecked" it is:) I'm proud!]

Cover this page with things that are white:

Make a sudden destructible unpredictable movement with the journal:

Make a mess. Clean it up. (I didn't know what to do, so I cleaned my dirty room:):

Doodle on the front page and title page, fold down favorite pages:

Page of good thoughts:

Write carelessly. now.:

Glue random things here:

Cut through several layers:

Infuse this page with a scent of your choosing:

Color outside the lines:

Close your eyes. Connect the dots from memory.

[({ Pages I cannot do today, they will be updated by Friday})]

さようなら (that's goodbye in Japanese)

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