Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 8th, 2010!!!

Ello:) So I am OFFICIALLY PERMITTED:)) Very exciting..I went on Thursday after school and it took like 30 minutes for everything....and my picture like all photo ID pictures, was HORRID! least I don't HAVE to show anyone, unless your a legal cop:) Haha. Well anyway....tonight is Friday...I have slept at all since I got home...very exciting:) HA! Tomorrow we are going to run errands, and some other stuff too...but I don't know yet. Well here are the usual's and FRIDAY FAVORITE#2:)) OK. Enjoy your weekend! XO.Maddy!

{79/365}:Never Wanted to Dance-MSI
{80/365}:Yes Man-Munchhausen by Proxy
{81/365}:Naive-The Kooks


[128/365]:Gabby's creepy hand that dangles over the edge of the bed when she sleep talks!!

Wreck this Journal-Page.6
"Draw fat and skinny lines with your pencil."
Wreck this Journal-Page.7
"Get your fingers dirty and press them on this page"
Wreck this Journal-Page.8
"Color this entire page"

::::::::::Friday Favorites::::::::::

I love watching past season's of The Office. I have watched my favorite season (4) at least 10 times. It truly is great:) They are the highlight of my Friday night....which is kind of pathetic, yet so perfect:)

I reallly want to see these movies; The Lovely Bones-Alice in Wonderland-Youth In Revolt-Legion!! But hey, watching The Office on a Friday night is OK with me too:)

Wrist Tattoo's<3 So awesome, and I WILL have one day...look out people:) HA!


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