Friday, November 27, 2009

November 28th, 2009!!!

Hey:)So I'm on the phone with Beth and Mick is spending the night and we are baking for for my mom's work tomorrow, because we are decorating the trees at her work. Its going to be fun cos Mick and Beth are going with me:D Today I went to the mall and my grandmas new house with her man, Bob. Ha ha.. So Thursday was soo delicious and fun! We went to my aunts house and had a wonderful thanksgiving. My friend Lyric and I had slaved away baking chocolate cupcakes and an apple pie...that wasn't so great. Ha ha, we used Elsie Flannigans cupcake mustache decorations...they were so cute:D The lighting in my Aunt's house sucked, so the pictures are not so great. .. Well here are the songs, and 365 pics....also, this is my 96th post, only 4 more to go til the BIG 100!!! I don't know how to celebrate it, but I'll do something:) OK here we go. enjoy.xoxo.Maddy

{38/365}:Hold On-Good Charlotte
{39/365}:Let It Rock-Kevin Rudolph&Lil'Wayne
{40/365}:Supersonic-Pearl Jam
{40/365}:Beautiful Is Gone-The Ruse

[88/365]:New Picture:)

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