Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23rd:)

Hello blog readers. Today was one of the greatest days ever...why you might ask? Well it was a typical Monday at school. I had a science quiz, a essay in English, I had to wrap someone up like a mummy in Elements of Art, and in Animation I drew a clock. Chelsea picked me up, and then we chased down Gabby's bus. We then headed to the gas station and to pick up Richard form the High School. We then proceeded to Pet Smart, to buy a snail for Chelsea and Richards new fish tank, and a beta for Gabby, because she killed her other one. Nice Gabby. At home, I worked on some homework, got a new default for my myspace, and painted my nails 3 different times while watching 17 again. Nothing too exciting. But I'm happy because I only have one and a half more days til school is over for the week an Thanksgiving!!! I love thanksgiving! I wanna make a pie, but I probably won't end up making one. Well nothing really exciting for you. I found this really cute video that I absolutely love<3 hope you enjoy. Don't forget to vote on the little poll on the sidebar...Thanks! xoxo.Maddy.


{36/365}:A Dustland Fairytale-The Killers



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