Monday, October 19, 2009

EVERYTHING!!! [49/365]

Hello! So yesterday, I went to see Where the Wild Things Are, so I didn't post anything or my 10 Things I Love Sunday, so I'll be doing that today as well. Yesterday, Chelsea and I went to a Estate sale, I got the coolest pictures, Downtown Portland, sunsets, Mt. Hood, and a really cool book full of picture slides, it is really cool. Whoever took the pictures we really good photographers, they went on road trips to Disneyland, Tuscan, and New York, before 9/11. They got lots of pictures of the twin towers, it is really amazing! Also, I found a picture of him and his wife, that is really remarkable. Also, the Oregon University yearbook from 1964. It is so neat. The hairdos are the coolest part, they are all flippy bobs. Ha ha, and I got a book on photography. SO that's mostly what my 10 Things is. Also, I am starting a new little thing. I am going to turn on my i Pod's shuffle everyday, the first song on, is the song of the day:) I want to do this for a year:D OK so that's another project. I think it will keep me on track with my 365 picture project. Well that's about it, here's the 365 pictures and my 10 Things I Love Sunday, ENJOY!

Here's the song of the day: The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls!

10 Things I LOVE Sunday:

10. These fun Mustache Socks!

9. Cute whale gloves<3

8. The Proposal:D

7. The Oregon University yearbook of '64!!

6. Elsie Flannigan Necklace, made especially for me!

5. This LOMO Diana F+ CMYK camera!! So cute:)

4. Bokeh!!!

3. Where The Wild Things Are!!! So so cute<3

2. These photo sides!

The photographer himself:D

1. Antique photos:) (I didn't take the actual photo, only the picture of the photo)









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