Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2nd [2/365]

Hello! So today, I took like 5 naps. I went to sleep at three and woke up at seven. Lame. Then I went to the dentist. It was going good, but then the orthodontist came in the room. The most creepy noise in the world is people putting on latex gloves and snapping them once there on. It was terrifying. Then, she scraped my teeth and gum's, jeez it hurt so bad. But now, I'm all good. No cavities:) Then, i got this raspberry flavored fluoride. It tasted pretty delicious. So my grandpa took me to my dad's new house and we just moved boxes and stuff. So i just got home after like 10 hours at my dad's. I got a awesome picture of the moon for my 365 picture, since the view from the living room looks straight at Mt. Hood. Well, tomorrow is my mom's birthday, and I'm getting my hair done. Have a nice day:)

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