Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20th [20/365]

Hello! So today Mick came over and we organized pictures for the school newspaper and watched one of the best movies of all time, All I Wanna Do. Such a great movie. So tonight is 10 Things I Love Sunday. Enjoy:)

10 Things I LOVE Sunday:

10. What is better than a Balloon Animal kit? I don't know, nothing?!

9. This cute wallet! I love how every week, I love a new wallet:)

8. This adorable bag! Oh so cute:)

7. These colorful and fun shoes! Watermelon:D

6. This cute necklace of a building! Aww, cute:P

5. This cute Robot necklace, I know, I love alot of necklaces:)

4. These sexy Nikes:) Bright colors!!

3. A TV necklace:) Oh, cute!

2. Breakfast necklaces:) I love them!

1. These awesome songs, Liztomania, and Boats and Birds:) Listen to em!

Here's the 365 picture:) Have a good week!

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  1. this week has pretty unique pictures =P