Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15th:)

Hello:) Today was a very calm day. I got ready for school at like 6:30! Chelsea took us to school. I had Newspaper first period, found out a topic for my photo essay im doing with Mick. Then I had Intro to Video with Goodlett. It was pretty boring, we just watched how to operate the camera and tripod. Pretty lame. Then I had lunch, very casual, Anna bought me a water:) Thanks Anna! Then, I had 3-D Art, I made a clay pig. But I cleaned up too early, so I got into trouble with the sub, who ironically was the art teacher at the high school last year. Well, whatever, then I had geometry. It was pretty ordinary. My day came and went. When I got home, who do you knows at my house, Richard Lee! He is standing in the doorway with Chelsea. Then I ate and watched The Office, 5th Season came out today! If anyone cares:p Well now I'm listening to the song on my blog, Birds and Boats. It is truly amazing, listen to it and then comment what you thought. Well my picture today is of a sign my sister got when her car was in the shop. It said 365! so I was like perfect:) Well that's the picture, everyone have a nice Wednesday. Also, Big Brother 11 ends tonight:( So there goes my weekly excitement. Well bye:)


  1. Richard Lee.. that's mee?September 15, 2009 at 8:30 PM

    I still have my clay whistling pig.. =)
    I like she got you high song better.. =)
    Haha and it was nice to see your suprised face again.. =)

  2. wait.. I actually get this picture now!!