Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14th:)

Hello! So I didn't do my 10 Things I Love Sunday, obviously. I'll be doing it while I watch Paranormal State, the best show ever:) So I have one post reader that is very devoted, you know who you are. They date my sister:) Haha hey RICHARD:) So he has been bugging me and my sister to get me to post . Also, to Richard, my mom became a "Twist Wizard Delta" on Bejeweled, so eat it! So today I went to school, lame-o. Tomorrow I have newspaper and Goodlett, eww. Mick came over after school and we hung out and made lemon cake and taco salad. Now we are watching Diners-Drive-ins&Dives. We finished watching my husband Russell Brand on the VMA's:) I loved it. Mick loved Lady GaGa and all four of her costume changes. It was an outrage! Well now he is singing Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. We saw the commercial for the movie of his last concert he never preformed and I really want to see it: Also, I have been playing this kickin game, check it out and make a profile and add me:) Draw My Thing! Well that's my night. I'll post more in a few:) Later!


  1. I was just playing Draw My Thang~ well I'm a twister in Beeejeweled haha eat that.. don't worry Chelsea's mom I'll be the King of the Bejeweled soon. ok, Maddy now I'm just waiting for you to post your 10 things O_o

  2. excuse me.. ??? its Maddy and gabby's mom too! :/