Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5th

Hello !
Today is Sunday, and I cleaned the house. We are going shopping for some pants and Outback for lunch! Yummy:)Last night I took at least 500 firework photos! Some bokeh and others crazy lights. My sisters, mom and I had gone to my mothers work and played bingo with the residents. They were so sweet! After we left her work, we went and bought some fireworks. They were super expensive, so we got a little pack. When we set them off at 11 pm, it was not worth the money. However, when you walked outside my house, all around us was big bright fireworks lighting up the sky. It was wonderful! My puppys got scared though. The best part was that because we live in Oregon, we can have fireworks that shoot up in the air, but here's the good part, our neighbors had a couple that shot up and exploded in the night sky! It was pretty great. Well today's question is what is your favorite song at the moment? Everyone have a good week:)

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