Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11th

Hello! So today was very busy and still is. We took our dogs to the groomers because Prince needed desperately to be shaved! Then we went to Craft Warehouse to get some scrapbooks for my mom. It was so cool, they had an ''Eco-friendly Coffee Cup''. It was a glass cup with a fake rubber cup holder on it with a rubber lid. It was so cute and I wanted one, even though I don't really like coffee. So while my mom and younger sister were shopping at Craft Warehouse, my older sister and I went over to Pier 1 Imports to look for a gift for my friends mom. We found these awesome fun margarita glasses with blue rock specs in them. So we bought two and left. Then we headed to Target, so I could get stuff for camping like shampoo and toothpaste and stuff like that. Also, I got one of those ''Add your own Alcohol'' margarita buckets for Mick's mom. So on our way home we were driving down the street and my mom pointeed out a J&N Estate Sale. We love those! My older sister wanted to go home so they dropped me and Chelsea off at our house, I had to clean my room. My sister left, I finished wrapping the gift and cleaning my room. My mom and Gabby came back, they got the cutest vintage stuff! Like this old Thermos, which we collect, and a super cute blue and white blanket, and this deck of really old cards and inside there was a little note that read ''Please be careful with these cards. They were his when he was a kid.'' They dated back to April 1st 1935! It was awesome! So after that my mom and Gabby went to pick up the dogs from the groomers. They shaved Prince and left his fluffy pompom tail! So that was my afternoon. Later tonight I have to go pick up my friend Lyric and then Cait is going to pick us up at my house and go to Mick's mother, Kelly, 40th birthday! Mick's like one of my best friends so it will be fun. It's from 8 to midnight. Then my mom is picking me and Cait up and going back to my house. Caits spending the night. Then Sunday we are going to the Antuiqe Expo at the Expo Center! So there's my weekend. My picture today is a balloons, because of the birthday! Well todays question is When is your birthday? Have a good weekend!

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